Louis Jackson

Hey, my name’s Louis.
I guess I could summarise myself by saying I’m a digital designer.

I have many passions but creativity is the foundation for them all. You will see a range of works on this site that put myself on show from painting to websites and everything in between.

I studied at Victoria University in Wellington and graduated at the start of 2016 with a Bachelors of Design Innovation, majoring in Media Design and minoring in Marketing.

I hope you enjoy my work!

contact me at louisj.nz@gmail.com





Mount Counselling & Mediation

I designed and developed this site using the WordPress CMS with a custom made theme that I coded from scratch

EFT – Therapists Community Site

 This is a website redesigned from their previous site and developed using the WordPress CMS with a custom made theme also coded from scratch, I also used to do administration on this site.

My Previous Portfolio Site

This is my previous site that I coded using PHP as a single page site, I’ve moved on from this as I see it more of an exhibition of my coding and a piece of art in itself rather than it showcasing my works.


Dark Guardian

Group project -Our wearable piece the “Dark Guardian” is a distilled interpretation of a historical warrior and features a core traditional Pacific Island theme that explores the inhibition of men. Created by Iafeta Faapusa, John Filipo and I as a part of the Wearable Technology paper. 
The main piece consists of 6 ornamental columns, each laid over with laser cut patterns symbolising the warriors tribal ancestry connections. Connected using an arduino, light sensor, transistors, resistors, 9v battery, 3v battery pack equipped with AAA battery and 9 LEDs per column. As for the fan, it served as a compass and weapon, connected using an arduino, light sensor, blue leds and 1x AAA battery. 
The piece is based around a narrative of remedying a banished warrior’s curse and his journey to spiritualization and empowerment portrayed through the ambient colours and varied blinking effects, creating an aura surrounding the warrior after obtaining power from defeating the sun god Garnet.

Mini Chefs - iPhone Kids Cooking App

An Interactive Cooking App for Kids, MiniChefs offers a platform to engage and teach kids about the kitchen.
MiniChefs is an Iphone 5 optimized app. I drove the front end development and user experience design for the app in our team of four. The team had one other design student Liwen Song and two network engineering students Fuji Faden and Peter Williams. Liwen dealt with the UI and the network engineers worked on a solid secure back-end log-in system and accounts infrastructure.
This was a key learning experience for me working within a team on a app like this. It helped develop my skills further in terms of mobile UX design my programming knowledge.
HTML, CSS and jQuery were used to develop.
You can have your own account (with an email or google account ).